Find out what it's like to work alongside the best people, make real-life decisions and be part of a team that gives you the tools to go as far you dare.

Job Opportunities at Chemcouriers

School Leavers

If you’re about to leave school – or have had a bit of time in the workforce, there are plenty of options with Chemcouriers.  All our school-leavers start out learning the business on the floor and you’ll have every opportunity to learn about our business if you’re prepared to work hard, ask questions and listen. The team you work with are keen to see you succeed and will give you all the help you need to understand the business and how you can get ahead. If you’ve got the right attitude there’s nothing stopping you from going all the way to the top.


It can be tough choosing a career path straight out of Uni, so at Chemcouriers we see your degree as just the start. Our Graduate Program is all about developing work and life skills that will set you up for any role in our business. As a Chemcouriers team member you have the freedom to make decisions, contribute ideas and make a difference. Sitting on the sideline, however, is not an option. You'll start on the warehouse floor and learn the fundamentals of the business from the ground up (and get your forklift license!). 

The team around you have stood in your shoes and are on your side. Your success is our success. If you’ve got what it takes, you can fully expect to get all the professional and personal development you need to quickly step up. We’ll invest in developing you as an individual - not you as a product so you can go on to lead our business forward. How far you go and how fast, is up to you.

So, if you're looking for a graduate role that can keep up with your hunger to learn, determination to progress and eventually run the show, talk to us.


If you are looking to build a career that allows you to be right where the action is (and not at a desk all day), operations could be for you!

Starting on the depot floor, you'll learn our operations from the ground up. Rather than watching from the sideline, you'll be expected to contribute, challenge and get actively involved in decision making. The more exposure you get to the business, the faster you'll progress! 

We’re a business that recognises merit, more than time in the job, so if you can prove yourself, don’t expect to stay in the same role for long!

Sales & Business Development

If you’re wired for sales, thrive on variety and understand what it takes to exceed customers’ expectations, a career in sales could be for you could be for you. 

Chemcouriers network is rapidly growing and we’re looking for the right people to provide exceptional service to our existing customers and develop new opportunities.

A start in business development means you’ll get a solid grounding and induction into the way we do things. Previous selling experience in an industry with strong service ethics is helpful but not necessary. If you’ve got the personality, intelligence and guts we’ll help you develop the competencies you need to succeed.

Owner Drivers

Being an Owner Driver with Chemcouriers gives you the freedom and opportunity of having your own business, while being backed by a team that can help you build up a customer base and provide ongoing work. As a Chemcouriers Owner Driver, you will have access to business advice, some of the latest technologies and career progression opportunities. While you are technically your own boss, you will always be included as an integral member of the Chemcouriers family.

Find out what you need to be an Owner Driver here. 

Apply Now

Your future with Chemcouries could begin right here. If you have what it takes and are up for an adventure, we’d love to hear from you.


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