Our team culture means sustainability is driven from the ground up, by teams who take responsibility to make their branch, their business, and their world, just that little bit better today than it was yesterday.

Our Initiatives

Common Sense Recycling

Short of our more creative solutions, we have also been recycling cardboard, glass, plastic and aluminium in our branches for decades and we continue to educate and work with our team to recover landfill waste where it is recyclable

Our New Builds

We take great pride in building state of the art facilities that not only support our ability to provide world class service to our customers but also allow us to do so in a safe and sustainable way. This includes efficient lighting and appliances and double glazing throughout, battery charging for our largely electric forklift fleet and EV charging for our team EVs and hybrids. HVAC and VRF with heat recovery and carbon dioxide monitoring are also standard features.

In Our Branches

  • Major solar installations on our owned branches
  • Water tanks - rain water harvesting
  • Optimal daylight use - daylight harvesting
  • Energy saving by lux measurement
  • Thermal paint (less cooling required)
  • Reduction of paper consumption
  • Recycling compactors
  • Plain pallets are recirculated between our transport network and customers
  • Building and energy management system
  • National electricity deal
  • LED lighting in branches and warehouses
  • Worm farms fed by branch food scraps

On The Road & In Our Vehicles

  • Route planning for efficiencies in time, distance, and fuel consumption
  • New vehicles compliant with the highest environmental standards
  • Hybrid technology for smaller units
  • Hybrid cars for team members
  • Electric manual handling equipment (MHE) with fast charge systems
  • Multi- modal options (road to rail and coastal shipping)
  • Truck size management – small trucks for distribution / large trucks between cities
  • Optimise shipment loads 
  • Off-peak distribution, particularly between cities and from ports
  • Lightweight / high-capacity vehicles creating more efficiencies 
  • Vehicle performance diagnostics on interstate and regional line haul units
  • A range of compliance measures that will enhance driver well-being

Small Fleet Conversion

We operate a significant small vehicle fleet for our sales and support team, so that they can reach and work closely with our customers. Fleets have made major ground in shifting from fossil fuel to almost half hybrid and electric and we continue to do more

Sustainability Overview

We have put together a Sustainability Overview, in which we have reported on economic, environmental, social and governance topics that we believe are material to its business and the communities it operates in. Click here to access the online reader version

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