24 October 2022

Mainfreight Invests in Automated Warehousing Technology

We are committed to investing in technology that enables our team to deliver efficient and accurate services for our customers. One of our latest investments has been in the space of Autonomous Mobile Robots (AMR).

What is Autonomous Mobile Robot technology?

Autonomous mobile robots (AMRs) are a class of automated machines that can understand, sort and navigate to move materials efficiently and accurately from storage to point of picking. These robots operate by using built-in sensors, laser scanners, cameras, and artificial intelligence, all without the need for human control or intervention.

How does it work?

The AMR’s move along the floor with a physical grid program setup to collect the shelving to bring to the team member at the picking opening. It is Mainfreight’s most recent warehousing technological investment, combining both “Goods to Person” (G2P) and “Put Wall” picking methods. Integrated with our warehouse management system, MIMs, orders are assigned to the AMR and a pre-determined pick path is allocated. The assigned AMR’s will travel to the required shelving, identified by a QR code built beneath the rack which is scanned and confirmed through the AMR’s built-in scanners. The AMR then brings the shelving to the picker, reducing travel time and allowing for multiple orders to be picked at once

What are the benefits?

The benefits of an AMR solutions lie in its “autonomy”. With its automated storage and its unique retrieval system, AMR provides a higher storage capacity, lower labour costs, faster deployment and an increase in productivity whilst maintaining and achieving a safer operation for all warehouse personnel involved. The AMR solution is adaptable and can be customised dependent on the size of the operation.
Watch the AMR in action!

Watch the AMR in action!

During a week trial period utilising the AMR solution, a time saving of approximately 58% was found utilising the AMR solution versus the current process. The ability to offer a “Goods to Person” solution minimised the total travel time of the team. Reports have shown that the AMR provides 99.996% level of accuracy. 

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